Guestbook 2

We are co-hosted at
I built this program with Haywire Robotics , they are with First Robotics, a non-profit.

They new program is going to be a seperate beta until it functions well, until so the main will be updated.

Rev 1:

-Code uploaded
-Fixed Long-Time Buffer Overflow Problems

Rev 2:

-Saving to string added
-Fixed Bugs involving signing
-Finished hiding controls (Basic Level)
-Compiler Updated to 2012!

Rev 2.1:

-Loading Method Added
-Exception Handling for Loading and Saving Added

Rev 2.1a (Urgent patch):

-Fixed Publisher being incorrect (Subject of patch)
-Autoupdate implemented into Clickonce Application
Rev 2.2:
-Added Icon (Official)
Rev 3.0 (Beta) Status Update
-Classes for program are nearly complete
-Various Improvements
-New Features to be added
-Name will be changed from Guestbook 2 -> Meeting Planner

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